Saturday, October 18, 2008

Surrender to Sleep

If you can not sleep tonight, why not try surrendering to God, the Universe, Consciousness, or your own Higher Power. Then observe what happens. I learned to do this last year (2007), when sleeping in uncomfortable, and unpleasant environments. Within a few nights I was OK, whether I slept or not! And soon I began to sleep, at 1st just good enough, but eventually really good! Indeed, it seemed the more I Let Go, the better the sleep, and the less stress over whether I slept or not. This surrendering not only produced good sleep, but a rested and productive day as well. And I was happier. The book," Zen and the Art of Sleep" by Eric Chiles, taught me this, how to witness my sleep, and my experience(s). But mostly it taught me to analyze less, and "go with the flow." Simple, yet powerfully effective advice. If I have trouble falling asleep, or if I wake up in the middle of the night, what I do simply is to say "God, I surrender and accept whatever happens for the rest of the night." Usually I fall back to sleep within minutes. I suggest everybody having trouble sleeping try this, using any entity that is not yourself, and make it a part of their insomnia program. It can only help.
'Discover The Gift Of Sleep' Sleep well, Gus

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