Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Choose to Sleep or Not- Choice vs. Choicelessness

There are only 2 ways to look at choice and choosing, either you are the chooser or you are not!
If you are the chooser, it has to be that you are ALWAYS choosing what you think is best for you at every instant. That is, what ever you are choosing to do, at the time of the choice, it has to be the best thing you can choose...or else you would choose something better. Later (after the fact), it may become obvious this was not a great choice, that something else would have been better. However, at the time the choice was made, it was the best choice you could make! Again, if you did not think so you would have chosen something else!
On the other hand, it maybe you are not the chooser; that all choices are made by your Higher Self/Spirit Guide/Soul/Divine Nature, but not by your "rational mind" or ego.
So, either you are always making the best choice you can, at all times, OR you are not choosing at all!! Either way, you may as well relax and know that all is well, at all times, for the choices made are always the best ones for you.
It follows, then, that if you are not sleeping tonight, you are making the best choice you can (or else you would choose to sleep), or your Higher Self/Spirit/Soul/God has made this choice for you!! Again, either way, you may as well RELAX....and know this is the best choice for you at this time! This is another way to "Surrender to Sleep" (see my prior post).
As an aside, this leads to the awareness that you can never blame yourself for what happens from these choices! But neither can you take credit!!! In addition you can neither blame nor credit anyone else for their choices. Life becomes peaceful.
So relax, all is well. You, and every one else, are doing your best at all times, whether you are asleep, awake or neither.
Personally, I choose to 'not choose!' I am pro-choicelessness!

Sleep easy or relax, and Discover the Gift of Sleep, Gus

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Anonymous said...

Can I choose to be the chooser? Or will the chooser choose me?
Or neither???